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Schedule Service & Maintenance at Freedom Ford of Claypool Hill

For most people, their vehicle is one of the most expensive things that they own, and it’s important to keep it properly maintained. When you want to make sure that your model lasts, you’ll need to properly maintain it and schedule service when needed. If you’re looking for mechanics that you can trust near Tazewell, Pounding Mill, or Richland, schedule your next service at Freedom Ford of Claypool Hill.

Mechanics That You Can Trust

When you’re driving your model over the years, you’re bound to eventually run into problems. Vehicles need constant maintenance to keep running, whether it’s something simple like an oil change or something complex like a serpentine belt replacement. When you want to make sure that your model is receiving the quality service that it needs, you’ll want to make sure that you’re scheduling with Freedom Ford of Claypool Hill. Our talented team of mechanics is here to help you so that you don’t have to worry about failing systems and aging parts.

General Upkeep and Car Maintenance

Your model needs a couple of services routinely to maintain its health. There are a few of these that you’ll want to keep in mind, but generally, some of the most important ones include:

  • Oil Changes: An oil change is arguably the most important service you can get for your vehicle. As time goes on, the high heat and stressful conditions of driving will cause your oil to dissipate and turn into a sludge-like substance. With an oil change, you can make sure that your engine has everything it needs to keep going.
  • Tire Rotations: If you’re trying to make your current set of tires last, you’re going to need to get them rotated every few thousand miles. This will make sure that they all experience a similar amount of wear, and our mechanics can make sure that they’re aligned and balanced as well.
  • Windshield Wiper Replacements: While your windshield wipers might not sound that important, they’re the only reason that you can see in stormy weather. You’ll want to check that your current pair is good to go. We also offer replacements with varying durability, so that you can choose the part that best suits your vehicle.

Our Team Can Also Handle The Bigger Jobs

While it’s easy to remember routine services, you might run into rare problems as you drive. Whether your engine is making strange noises, or your lights are starting to flicker, you’ll be able to find a solution at our dealership.

  • Electrical Problems: Your electrical system is incredibly complicated as you have wiring throughout your vehicle. When you’re not sure what’s giving you issues, you can come to Freedom Ford of Claypool Hill for a professional opinion.
  • Brake Repairs: Everyone knows that your brakes are important for your safety. When your brakes feel spongy or otherwise damaged, you can bring your model in for an inspection so that our mechanics can make sure that they’re ready for the road.
  • Transmission and Engine: When your engine is giving you trouble, you’re going to want to bring it to the mechanic as soon as possible. The same goes for your transmission, as it diverts the power of your engine directly to your wheels.

If you want to make sure that your model lasts, schedule a service with Freedom Ford of Claypool Hill.